• Julie O'Connor

Am I Fighting a Much Bigger and a More Powerful Enemy Than I Initially Thought?

Being victims of a conspiracy to defraud involving an influential DBS client, I wrote to two consecutive Group Heads of Financial Crime at DBS Bank and asked them to investigate my serious concerns, they would both leave DBS.

After each DBS Group Head of Financial Crime left I asked the PwC Singapore Partner in Charge of the DBS Audit to assist and they too would both leave PwC.

I asked the DBS whistleblower program if someone at DBS was covering up a fraud and when provided with the findings "nothing to see here", I was told that the DBS Group Head of Financial Crime, just 12-months in the role was working out his notice, and the DBS Group Company Secretary was being transferred. Both had investigated my concerns.

The Commercial Affairs Department (Singapore Police) assessed my complaints for 18-months, without contacting one Director, Executive or member of Management of the company involved, before claiming lack of evidence.

The current Attorney General and the Second Minister of Law would be conflicted as it involves their former client at Allen & Gledhill LLP

Is it DBS bank or #Singapore Inc. who is the enemy in action? Am I fighting a much bigger giant!

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