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I'm not sure how many gullible souls continue to believe what the #Singapore Government claims any more. Surely people are now looking at their actions not the propaganda that they continue to sprout to win over the voters and international observers.

This zero tolerance to this or that is bovine manure.

I know that a member of the ruling party was copied in on the emails where parties were being financially incentivized to endorse and ratify documents alleged to contain forged signatures, affixed on behalf of a struck off company. Government Linked Bank DBS did refuse to authenticate DBS letters which had been used in a conspiracy to defraud, which would aid the same crony. This holier than thou, whiter than white crap just doesn't hold water any more.

SGX investors were misled about the funds that had been raised and yet the authorities took no action. The person was connected to the power structure and had friends in high places, but the establishment can say 'insufficient evidence' to protect him, as they did with those implicated in the Keppel US$55M bribery scandal.

Amy Rees Anderson wrote "Do not allow yourself to get enticed into believing that “while they may be dishonest with others, they would never be dishonest with me.” If someone is dishonest in any aspect of his life you can be guaranteed that he will be dishonest in many aspects of his life."

Kudos to Kenneth Jeyaretnam for having the same courage as his father demonstrated, whilst others are happy to accept the handsomely buttered bread and continue to be wilfully blind.

"Mr Jeyaratnam also falsely stated that the Government had deliberately not taken action against money laundering and foreign tax evasion, allowing huge inflows of “dirty money” into Singapore."

Why has there been no POFMA issued against Transparency International? Too big a fish to swallow?

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