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Deny, Deflect & Discredit

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

Whether or not the two DBS letters are authentic or have been tampered with, has no bearing on whether DBS was complicit in covering up the conspiracy to defraud. Calling me names doesn’t address that fundamental question, it only serves to deflect and discredit.

"Furious DBS response

DBS Bank answered Asia Sentinel’s queries about the matter with a bristling letter from Wong Partnership, in which the law firm, which represents the bank, demanded that Asia Sentinel repeat the law firm’s letter verbatim in its story and reserved the right to sue.

O’Connor, the letter said, has not been ignored and the couple have raised the matters repeatedly with them. The central issue, according to the law firm, “pertains to the authenticity of the two letters, and investigations confirmed the letters are authentic." But it's not just the authenticity of the DBS letters:

  1. Why did DBS fail to respond for almost eight weeks when Minter Ellison asked DBS Legal if the two DBS letters were authentic, during which time Triyards raised funds from investors whilst failing to disclose Lee's interest in Strategic Marine, and then completed the sham acquisition?

  2. What did DBS know about the use of Tan Kheng Yeow (Wilson Tan) in Triyards proposed acquisition of Strategic Marine? Tan was used in the conspiracy to defraud. (unrelated matter)

  3. When did DBS know about writ 1221/2014 which had been served on two subsidiaries of EZRA Holdings and went undisclosed to investors?

DBS lawyers added ..."that Mrs. O’Connor had acted with malice, which seems far-fetched..."

I didn't act with malice, I sought the truth which so many were desperate to hide. If anything DBS should be thanking me for exposing what was being hidden by their influential client. But as is usually the case, it's easier to shoot the messenger.

I desperately tried to get answers as to who knew what and who had aided in the cover up of the conspiracy to defraud my family. We wrote to the following:

  1. DBS Managing Director and Head Group Legal, Compliance & Secretariat - Left DBS 2016

  2. 2. DBS Group Head of Financial Crime - Left DBS 2017

  3. 3. DBS Group Company Secretary - Transferred to another role 2018

  4. 4. DBS Group Head of Financial Crime - Left DBS 2018 after less than 12-months in the role.

  5. 5. PWC Partner in Charge of the DBS Audit - Left PwC 2018

  6. 6. PWC Partner in Charge of the DBS Audit - Left PwC 2020

  7. 7. DBS Group Company Secretary - Resigned 2021

All these departures may be purely coincidental, but the fact is that I had asked these people for help.

We asked the whistleblower program to investigate and they refused to allow the letters to be even mentioned in any submssion. That is fact, nothing about me being malicious. If the system worked as it should, I would not still be here 8-years later looking for answers.

I don't want anyone else to find themselves in the position we did through no fault of our own.


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