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Desperately Seeking Lionel

I’m trying to locate my ‘old friend’ Lionel Lee who I have reason to believe may be behind the BVI entity Heritage Quest, the shareholder behind Strategic Marine in Singapore.

I'm hoping that Lionel could assist in unravelling a conspiracy to defraud that cost my family a lot of money. For some bizarre reason Lionel appears to be heavily protected by the Singaporean authorities.

If anyone has information about who’s behind Heritage Quest, I would appreciate if they would share with me. I will treat it with confidence.

"If you only watch one Youtube video this week, this tale of a “gutsy young leader working to modernise the vessel chartering business” on CNBC Asia with Christine Tan is worth seeing. It’s blurry and out of focus, but then so were Ezra’s financials."

~Hieronymus Bosch

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