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It is Time to Pull Open the Curtain, Blow Away All the Smoke and Look for the Elusive Mettle...

Last weekend, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and Deputy Prime Minster Lawrence Wong made the following statements, which were reported in the local press and included:

‘The ruling People’s Action Party’s (PAP) commitment to honesty and incorruptibility is “absolutely non-negotiable”, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said on Sunday, as he stressed the need for high standards of integrity and competent governance.
“Singapore is a small place. Our system works,” he told more than 1,000 PAP members at the party’s biennial convention at the Singapore Expo Convention and Exhibition Centre.
“If you do something improper, sooner or later, it will come to light. And when it does, you will be investigated. And if it is proved that you did something wrong, you are out and consequences will follow.”
The Prime Minister added: “It is particularly when we are tested that we must prove our mettle, put our principles into action, regardless of the embarrassment or political cost.”
He urged PAP members to show Singaporeans and the world that the party’s standards remain “as high as ever”.
“We will never let the system go corrupt,” Mr Lee said. “Everybody who does business here, whether you're a non-Singaporean or a Singaporean, must know – this is how things work in Singapore.”
Mr Lee said the PAP must prove itself especially when it is tested, by putting principles into action “regardless of any embarrassment or political cost” and dealing with the issues “without fear or favour” while getting to the bottom of the matter.
The party must “show Singaporeans and the world that after half a century, the PAP’s standards remain as high as ever”, he said.
He added: “Singapore is a small place; our system works. If you do something improper, sooner or later it will come to light. When it does, you will be investigated.
Our integrity and honesty must never be compromised and only in that way can we do justice and uphold the trust that Singaporeans have given us,” Mr Lee said
Speaking at this year's PAP convention, Mr Wong said the party believes actions speak louder than words.
President Tharman said that Singapore has never had a Prime Minister who prevented the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) from doing its work. He promised that if ever the day comes that does happen, he will be there because that’s the Singapore system.

Iceberg Research Wrote:

Are fraudsters being protected by the Regulators upon the instruction of Singapore's Establishment, and who is facilitating the cover-ups?
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