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Lau - I didn't see, sign or authorise anyone to affix my signature to the four Strategic Marine documents.

Lee - I will pay you A$3,500,000 if you and your associates ratify and/or endorse the documents that my PA claimed she witnessed you signing on behalf of a struck off company... Hand me the evidence and provide me with letters of retraction of complaints made to my audit committee, regulators, my PA, me, DBS and others..

Then Singapore's reputation remains 'clean' and I can go and announce US$2 billion of proposed transactions, whilst the regulators and legal bodies turn a blind-eye to the allegations of forgery, offer of hush money, conspiracy to defraud, failure to disclose material information on a timely basis, false or misleading disclosures, failure to disclose interests in transactions, failure to discharge directors’ duties and so on.

Who cares that there is a great big iceberg headed our way, we have lifeboats. It's the investors who will be left struggling to survive...

This is an example of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's no cover-ups allowed and no-one being above the law?

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