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Updated: Oct 20

Below is just a small selection of doctored photographs, doctored news articles, false allegations of sexual assault, intimidation of victims and/or family members. The vile tactics of this group of cybertrolls know no bounds and some of them use pseudonyms to hide their identities. There is a large library of such trolling to support future victims with police investigations.


A doctored Channel 9 article with my photograph

Astounding that a middle-aged woman with two adult daughters resorts to such tactics. Says more about her than me...

A doctored Channel 9 article with my photograph

A doctored Straits Times article - This little girl is the grand-daughter of another victim.

Doctored Red Notices using my photograph

Fake News Using My Photograph

Fake News Using My Photograph

Fake News Using My Photograph

Fake News Using My Photograph

Fake death notice

I became a victim of the group, when I stood up against the trolling of Frances Ng.

Frances address was publicly shared and the police sent to her house under false pretences to intimidate. Sadly Frances husband passed away, after she had been subjected to extreme harassment.

Confirmation of the real identity of Cinorom. We do have many photographs of Kok Wee Ang Leslie

I proved I travelled to Singapore with a pic of a newspaper - there was no charity donation as far as I am aware!

A known tactic is that they submit Police reports containing false information to intimidate victims.

I travelled to Singapore after this with no problem at immigration.

This photograph of a deceased woman with the same name as me, posted by Ms. Ho who is a mother of two daughters!

Another victim whose children were threatened.

Sadly this victm has now passed away. He had beeb falsely accused of molest by an account using a pseudonym

They don't just troll the victims, but their family members too.

Threatening a victim's children

Falsely posting that a victim's family members had been killed in an accident

One of several false police reports made

False news published about a death at the hands of Singapore authorities

Threats to hunt me down

Threats to hunt me down

Public threats that I would be arrested. But I travelled to Singapore with no issues.

Fake accounts defaming victims

Falsely claiming I was persona non grata. Singapore authorities confirmed this was false

More threats

More Threats- he then trolled my family members with vile emails

Impersonating Interpol with a fake red notice.

Another fake account used by the trolls

Another victim

Andal Soh troll account

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