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Protect Friends and Persecute Foes?

Maybe the question should be asked whether this person bribed someone to let him in or if a well-connected Singaporean helped to facilitate his entry into #Singapore

The person who the authorities refuse to investigate in my case and who had offered someone A$3.5 million to withdraw a writ which implicated him in forgery, was alleged to have threatened a victim in another court case that he could get his entry into Singapore revoked. Maybe it works both ways, similar to the legal system. Protect friends and persecute foes?

"During late 2010, Lee pressured Akerblom to repurchase his Intrepid stock for $650,000 and return his Holdings shares, threatening his financial ruin if he refused; Holdings’ general counsel later echoed that threat. Lee also caused the termination of Akerblom’s service agreement with Intrepid, caused a Holdings subsidiary to breach a contract with a separate company owned by Akerblom, and directed Holdings personnel to fire Akerblom from that separate company. (Holdings’ relationship with this separate company is unclear.) Finally, Lee threatened to initiate legal proceedings against Akerblom in Singapore and prevent Akerblom’s defending them, by causing his visa to be revoked."

Given my own experience, I have no reason to doubt Akerblom's version of events!


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